Shilajit - Ayurveda’s Black Gold

Shilajit - Ayurveda’s Black Gold

While this name might be new to a few, Shilajit, a natural exudate found on the rocky mountains of the Himalayas, has been used for centuries by Ayurvedic practitioners for its anti-antiaging and rejuvenating properties. Shilajit is characterised best as Rasayana - an Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Therapy that focuses mainly on nutrition in the body on every level.

Residents in the Northern region of India and Nepal consume Shilajit with milk even today. It is an integral part of a Sherpa’s diet, giving them strength and high levels of healthy longevity. Early Ayurvedic writings called Shilajit a cure for all ailments. They termed it as the stones of metal like gold.

How is Shilajit formed? 

Shilajit is very rich in Fulvic and Humic acid. It is usually found in a blackish-brown colour on the rocky mountains in the Summer months. Scientists believe it is formed by the decomposition of certain plant materials. It takes centuries for this decomposition to take place and thus making Shilajit nature’s millennium-old product. Interestingly, Shilajit is rich in more than 84 minerals and the health benefits demonstrated by them vary by region, depending on the location where it is harvested. 

Who should consume this and why?

With changing times, our lifestyles, as well as our consumption patterns, have changed. While this substance found on the sides of mountains might sound like a new “super-food” that will stay in the limelight for a few months, Shilajit has been consumed and used for medicinal purposes for centuries in India. 


Contrary to popular belief, Shilajit can be consumed by both men and women. It can improve fertility, maintain good skin, boost energy and enhance bone health. Shilajit has been studied and used to cure multiple conditions and ailments. It possesses antioxidant, anxiolytic (reducing stress), antidiabetic and immunomodulator (enhancing the immune system) properties. It can interact positively with other drugs to help increase physical strength and promote overall human health. Hence, Shilajit will continue to be the superfood for centuries in India. 

Side effects

Shilajit is known for its high potency and plethora of benefits. However, it should not be consumed raw or unprocessed. Shilajit in its natural form may contain multiple heavy metal ions and free radicals that can be dangerous to the human body. 

Should you take Shilajit with Saffron and Ashwagandha? 

Saffron has several health benefits and has been used for centuries to enhance the taste and aroma of delicacies in Indian kitchens. It is known as the sunshine spice that boosts immunity and keeps seasonal ailments at bay.

Ashwagandha gets its name from its root that smells like an 'ashwa' or a horse. Consumption of this herb gives one the power of a horse. Ashwagandha also has numerous health benefits and is known to cure multiple ailments. It increases the youthful state of physical and mental health. 

Consuming Shilajit with Ashwagandha, Saffron and Safed Musli makes the mixture highly potent.  It will naturally increase the energy levels of an individual. 

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