How Do You Stay Effortlessly Healthy?

How Do You Stay Effortlessly Healthy?
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We live in an Era where Health and healthy life choices can be clearly identified as pre and post Covid-19. Pre – covid, our idea of health was vastly different from post covid era. 

Health and staying healthy is no more a choice, but a way of life for a stronger body and a longer life. We have transcended beyond the mere losing of weight or gaining of muscle, to a sustainable living that is consistent with our lifestyle. The term Mindfulness comes into play in every aspect of life including our health.

We at believe that when you alter your life choices drastically to reach your health goals, you end up falling short and sooner or later the goals become unachievable. When we make small changes and everyday choices that are sustainable in the long run, then slowly but surely, we reach our health goals.

Change is necessary for improvement but we can also enjoy the process of change. That is where mindfulness comes along. We are living in a world which promotes and encourages diversity in life choices. For example, you can choose yoga, tai chi, strength training, swimming, or even join a marathon as a form of exercise. We do believe that food is a vital part of a healthier life choice, and sometimes find ourselves flabbergasted by the information overload around us. However we do know the importance of putting in the ‘right’ nutrients in our body and the importance of feeling fit inside, out.

At svaa.lfe we believe in being Effortlessly Healthy. What does that mean? It’s simply about making small changes every day that are sustainable.

You can choose to place a filled water bottle at every place where you frequent, so that you remember to drink water. Or reward yourself after taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Play with your pet every day, dance, like nobody's watching, but most importantly, move around. Sometimes, take a break, sit on your balcony and sip some tea and listen to the music of nature. While you do all this have something easy & nutritious to consume such as shots or effervescents that can be had anytime anywhere.


Lastly, keep manifesting the life you love and enjoy every second of the journey!

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  • Sanmay Jain

    Thanks for sharing, what a beautiful way to reward ourselves to bring positive transformation for effortless living. As Mark Twain said, I am starting with “Dance like no one is watching”. Thank you once again :)

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